Unethical e-commerce concerns


Paying your bills online. We all have done it. Honestly, it makes it so much more convent to get reminders, check a balance and then make payments straight from your phone / computer. But, is it safe to put in your address, email, social and bank info? Does all this conveince come with risks? From my research, I have found that paying bills online is more safe than paying them through the mail, however, there is no guarantee that your privacy is 100% hidden.

According to this article, 48% respondents states that they have paid bills on their on websites, 41% use their bank’s app, 29% use their biller’s app and 16% use Paypal.

Online, the amount of privacy a user gets is diminishing and identities are being stolen. According to Public Service Credit Union, “The two most prevalent types of fraud, keylogging and phishing, occur from malware, or malicious software, on your computer and result in the fraudster capturing your login credentials.” These spywares secretly keep your records of logins and make note of any security setting changes. To top it off, they set up fake websites sending you emails to verify your account information and then they take your bank account information to set up / send funds from a bill to their own accounts. This 100% compromises user’s interests and is unethical.

Many websites suggest to download softwares to check your hard drive for any viruses. The issue that many user’s face from this, is that some of those software’s are in fact fraud themselves! The lack of privacy we have online unfortunately is the reason for why perks like making payments online, are not 100% safe for us. There are always commerce issues going on, so much so that “the chip” has often become a mandatory thing for cardholders. AND hackers have already figured that one out, according to CNBC.  In my opinion, this will be a never ending battle between consumers and hackers.


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